6 Days Medan Itinerary

In the capital of North Sumatra province, you can expect mouthwatering local dishes and a ton of things to do. From shopping to swimming in lakes, this itinerary got you covered!


Books I Read in 2017 + 2018 Goals

I love keeping tracks of books I've read, so here's what I read in 2017 and some fun statistics. Also, I'm setting my reading goals for 2018!

Life Update

Hey! So it's been a while, and I haven't been keeping up with my twice-a-week posting schedule. Hehe. Blame it on the stressful exams, but I've decided to make a list of whatever has been going on in my life... I'm now seventeen! For so long now, I've told myself that I would not throw a... Continue Reading →

The Smoker

"The smoker lights his thirteenth cigarette of the day and sets his life on fire." In which I wrote spoken word poetry, but never spoke it.

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