Just a Blog Makeover, It’s Cool

Nearly one year ago, I created this blog on wordpress, originally intending it to be a travel blog in which I would write and share my travel experiences. Of course, I wrote only two posts -even after ten months, had unintentionally abandoned my blog and ultimately forgotten about its existence.

I wish to atone my sins, and hope that we can all consider this “blog makeover” as part of my New Year Resolution. I mean, only 32 days have passed since January 1st, so it’s not entirely too late to make amends.

Instead of keeping it as a travel blog, I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to make this into more of a personal blog. I would write whatever I am passionate about, including travel, books, thoughts and other deep or trivial stuff! For now, I won’t be posting under any fixed routine as my goal is simply to update at least once a week, and with that practice my writing and discipline.

2017 is also a big year for me. I plan to attend a two-weeks summer course in the UK to study English Literature and Creative Writing, which would certainly be an incredible and insightful experience. I will be turning 17 in November, which is also when I will be taking my A2 Levels (and thus completing my A Levels). Naturally, that also means that this is the year to do intensive research on higher level education, whether I plan to study abroad or stay in Indonesia, which universities I am aiming for, so on and so forth.

I have known since the very first day of 2017 that this year would be very different, I knew somehow, that I will be experiencing new things -both terrible and wonderful things, but all of which I could learn something from. It is also part of the reason which convinced me to finally get into the habit of blogging. It would certainly be interesting to see where I’d be one year from now.

So if you have reach this part of my post, I thank you for reading what I’ve got to say, and if for some astonishing reason you have decided to follow me throughout the year, then I say welcome!


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