2017 Reading Goals

2015 was a big reading year for me. I read 48 books that year; only two short from my goal of 50, but that was before I entered the hectic years of A Level preparation. In 2016 I read only 21 books. That’s a huge cutback. This year, I’m planning a reading comeback (if this wasn’t a thing, it is now).

I know, it is nearly six months into 2017 (and that basically means the year’s half ended), but it’s never too late to set a goal for yourself. So here I am doing just that.

I’m not setting a certain number of books to read, as I know I will only be pressuring myself to speed read books without really enjoying them. Because, to be fair, 2017 is a hectic year for me: I’ve got my A Levels this October/ November, a summer course to attend this June and I also have to start researching which universities to enroll at (and actually apply). Trust me, those are enough to stress a sixteen year old student out.

Onto the actual goal:

  1. To read as much as I can. I’ve got to cut down on Internet Instagram and Youtube, and actually read in my free time.
  2. Read diversely. And by diverse I mean anything outside of YA. I need to explore more literary works and find out my specific interests.
  3. Write book reviews. Now I may not review every book, but I reckon I should start writing reviews for some.

That’s not too strenuous, right? In fact, I do think I have done well thus far (though not quantitatively, I haven’t. I’ve read only 8 books by May). For instance, I read Wilde, a classic Indonesian piece and some Shakespeare plays (that are part of the syllabus, but hey, I still read them).

Currently Reading: The Fellowship of the Ring and Summer in Seoul (Indonesian).


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