About Me

People love lists. So here’s one.

  • My name is Erica, a 2000-born Indonesian girl
  • I’m studying for Maths, Physics and Chemistry at A2 Levels in school, and English Literature A Levels independently
  • love reading and naturally, writing
  • It’s a clichéd dream, but I’d like to backpack Europe someday
  • Consider myself a pretty active girl. I’ve run a half marathon, albeit the embarrassing time. Though I’m being too lenient on myself, I’m currently halfway through my BBG 1.0 journey. I also enjoy swimming and dabble in equestrian.
  • Some more likes: cinematic Youtube videos, Ed Sheeran (ps. my blog name should be a giveaway), Once Upon a Time, motivational Pinterest boards, spoken word poetry.

Thanks for reading and welcome to my blog!

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