Five Dead Roses

For every person who steals your heart, you plant a rose. For every person who breaks your heart, you leave the rose to wither and die.


The Mayor of Casterbridge

A story of action-and-reaction, of a man whose past sins finally caught up with him, and whose attempts at redemption end with a heartbreaking death.

NaNoWriMo Day 2 – Rebel?

Before NaNoWrimo, I had set myself a goal. This is not going well. I'm not sure if it's the story or the fact that I had a shitty and incomplete outline... But here's the good news, I'm building a Pinterest mood board, which might be a way of procrastinating, but at least I'm engaging with... Continue Reading →

I Ran a Half Marathon at Fifteen

The last kilometre felt like the longest kilometre of my life. It took everything in me to put one foot after the other. My lungs were burning. My legs were numb. I honestly thought my body was going to fall apart.

A Weekend in Bali

In the beginning of September, when I should've been spending the long weekend studying, me and my family flew to Bali instead. No regrets. I've always been one to enjoy weekend getaways, last time it was Singapore. I'm just super grateful to escape my hectic school routine for a couple of days, hit the beach, not think... Continue Reading →

Jude the Obscure

A man whose ambitions were too high for his class; two lovers who had thought too far ahead of their time; and a boy's dream that was grind down by society.

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